New Zealand Aims To Boost U.S Ties Amid Global Instability
Us Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Donald Trump, Says He Can’t Be Kicked Off Ballot
Linkedin Cuts 668 Jobs In Second Cut This Year
Nvidia Adds Record $277 Billion In Stock Market Value

More Women Are Thriving In Science – Does That Mean Attitudes Have Changed?

Do More Women Succeed in Science Mean Attitudes Have Changed? Over the past four years, women have excelled in science like a tsunami. Half a dozen women have won Nobel prizes in physiology, medicine, physics, and chemistry. Their remarkable accomplishments include Katalin Karikó’s work on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and Andrea Ghez’s discovery of a supermassive…

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Playstation Unveils Controller For Disabled Gamers

Playstation Has Introduced A Controller Designed Specifically For Gamers With Disabilities A PlayStation controller with large circle-shaped buttons and a joystick on one side will be released in December to make gaming simpler for disabled individuals. The gaming giant has been under pressure to address an industry-long overlooked issue despite rivals releasing identical items. Impressed…

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